How To : Konad & Stamping

Hi everyone ! This tutorial is about konad plates and other stamping plates that are available on the market (Bundle monster, Fauxnad, bornprettystore…) ! I have already done a tutorial with images on my previous blog and it was in french with bad quality pictures so let’s get started with a new explanation !

stamping kit


For this tutorial I am gonna use a stamping kit I bought at Babou (a french shop with cheap products). I paid it 3,50€ for 1 scraper, 2 plates and 1 stamper. This is not from famous stamping brands but it works well too. The first picture you have above is the explanation at the back of the kit in french so you’re question’s gonna be… “why are you doing a tutorial whereas you can just let us read it ?!”

The “aim” of this article is to follow like you the steps written and see if it really works like they say. So LET’S GO !

step 1


Remove the plastic film that protects the plate : it may be transparent or blue.


Clean the surface of the plates, stamper, scraper with a cotton of nail polish remover (acetone-free or not)

Now for the next step we will have to be quick because it dries quickly !



Apply your nail polish to desired image on a plate : no need to be precised or to put a thin layer


Scrape across the plate with the scraper to remove the excess of nail polish : tilt the scraper at a 45° angle to be more efficient. Only 1 passage !


QUICKLY press the stamper onto the plate to pick up the design



(here the design is not enough colored but it’s just an example 🙂 )



Stamp the image onto your nail with a gentle rollin motion or you can just press it down (normally the stamper is soft enough, it must not hurt you when you stamp the design !)

TADAAAAM ! You can apply a top coat but be careful of the top coat you are using because it can destroy your design. So actually the explanation on the kit is reliable and it is really easy 🙂 after  a few trials you’ll be an expert !

You can get subliiime plates to develop your creative side:

–> moyou plates

–> bundle monster plates


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